The Covenanters and the Cameronian Regiment

The Cameronian Regiment holds a unique place in the history of the British Army, being the only Regiment raised on Religious Beliefs. The Cameronians or Cameronian Guard take their name from a Presbyterian Minister named Richard Cameron. The Regiments origins go back to the dark days of Seventeenth Century Scotland known as “The Killing Time”, when a religious group known as Covenanters following the Presbyterian doctrine, raised the Regiment at Douglas Water in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The Covenanters


Above: The Banner known as “The Bluidy Banner” (Bloody Banner) of 17 year old Covenanter William Cleland, carried at The Battle of Bothwell Brig’ in 1679. A Hebrew script at the top roughly translates as “The Lord is My Banner” At the bottom it reads: “No Quarters for Ye Active Enemies of Ye Covenant”

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The Fraser Highlanders

Simon Fraser 11th Lord Lovat
Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat 1667 – 1747

After the first failed Jacobite uprising of 1715 Clans loyal to the Crown were appointed Independent Highland Companies to police the Highlands of Scotland. But by 1717 these Companies had been greatly reduced due to the numbers of regular Crown troops now stationed in the Highlands at Fort William, Fort Augustus and Ruthven Barracks. Continue reading The Fraser Highlanders