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WANTED TO BY: Wood Blank Dummy rifles, And Bayonet Practice rifles used for training by cadets etc.  Australian Patt 07 Bayonets made between 1929-39.  Wire Cutters SA No 1 Mk1.  Phone Norm Tyrrell 0487775556

FOR SALE: Pre-WW1 French Dragoon Officer’s Uniform.  Tunic with white facings, silvered epaulettes and buttons, captain’s rank insignia and staff officer’s collar insignia. Tailor’s label dated July 1906. Red breeches with correct heavy cavalry black stripe.  click for further details: For Sale Dragoon Off uniform (1)

FOR SALE: Imperial German Artillery Sword.  Sharkskin and gold wire grip. Curved ‘pipe-backed’ blade, marked ‘Eisenhauer’ (= ‘iron-cutter’ indicating toughened blade). Black-painted steel scabbard with single fixed ring.  Probably private purchase Eickhorn or Coppel manufacture, but regimentally marked ‘26.A.3.60’ on both sword and scabbard. Indicates 26th Field Artillery Regiment, which served in the 19th Infantry Division (a mainly Hanoverian organisation consistently rated as a first-class division by Allied intelligence sources).  Very good to excellent overall condition.  click for further details: For Sale German sword

FOR SALE: Rare Book “The Trooper Police of Australia author A.L. Haydon date on preface 1911” click for further details: _FOR SALE-The Trooper Police of Australia author A.L. Haydon date on preface 1911