The Society & Contact


The Heritage Arms Society is the Society for people who are interested in Military history and collecting antique arms and related items. The Society focuses on military and civilian arms and accoutrements over 100 years old, including firearms, edged weapons, medals, armour, helmets, uniforms, badges, and accoutrements etc. If you already collect, are interested in starting a collection or just love history, then the Heritage Arms Society is the Society for you.

Whilst we are Adelaide Australia based, our membership is global and interstate and overseas members also engage in Society activities via virtual participation each month in our magazine and/or website. Our aim is to be the most proactive and educational collecting group in the world and support and encourage research activities by both our experienced and novice collecting members.


With a global membership we have no shortage of in-house experts across a broad range of militaria and arms collecting fields who can assist with identification and research requests. We are here to help our members in any way we can.


The monthly magazine “Barrels and Blades” is now a minimum of 55 pages long and is published electronically. Whilst it serves to keep members advised of news and coming events, the main focus now is on encouraging and publishing member research articles. We also provide members with an opportunity to advertise their wanted to buy, sell, or trade in both the magazine and on our website.

A hard copy of Barrels and Blades is now also part of the permanent library at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, the United Kingdom’s national museum of arms and armour.

Complimentary Non-Member copies with a watermark to an increasing number of like-minded organisations and is also distributed to all members of the Antique Arms Society in London which has increased our reach and enabled existing members to make valuable contacts with like minded collectors around the world.


An added benefit of joining the Heritage Arms Society is access to free advertising and promotional access to both the magazine and the website, including a link to your business website. The Non-Member Copy of our magazine goes to every collecting club in Australia and New Zealand and the Antique Arms and Armour Society in London. We also have members across Australia and overseas members in Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Oman, and the USA.


If you live in South Australia what makes us different from other collecting goups:

The Heritage Arms Society differs from other Collecting groups in many ways, besides our focus on Arms and Militaria that is over 100 years old. Some of the things that make us different are:

  • The hall (which has heating and cooling) and no time limit, so meetings are never rushed.
  • The hall is set up early in the afternoon so that members who wish to display can just walk in and set up without delay.
  • We pride ourselves on being extremely social as well as educational. We believe that collecting should above all be enjoyable.
  • Members are invited to participate in a pre-meeting dinner at the Birkenhead Hotel, five minutes away from the hall.
  • We never read minutes; the formal part of the meeting is kept as short as possible. Even our AGM lasts between 5-10 minutes.
  • There is always access to tea and coffee, and homemade jams and biscuits are also available for purchase.
  • Almost all of the members who attend display. The display tables average 20 metres long.
  • At the end of the evening, members are in no hurry to leave as there are post meeting drinks (bottles contributed by members), and even a movie to enjoy.
  • We track collectors’ licences and send your annual club certification to SAPOL on your behalf electronically, with a copy to you for your records.
  • We publish a Magazine every month that runs in excess of 55 pages and has worldwide distribution.
  • Our Membership is global, and our interstate and overseas members participate electronically.

Should you ever have the opportunity to visit Adelaide South Australia, the society meets on the third Friday of each month, at the Lutheran Church Hall 57-59 Botting Street (Corner of Osborne St) Albert Park SA.  Doors open at 7.15 pm, and the meeting commences at 8 pm.

Meetings take the form of open discussion and displays of items brought by members. All items displayed must be a minimum of 100 years old. Visiting speakers address meetings on a variety of topics. Visitors are both welcome and encouraged. Upon arrival, please make yourself known to a member of the committee and complete the visitor form.