Current Global Research Project

The British Sea Service Cutlass, Bayonet, Machete, Lead Cutter and Single Stick PROJECT

Current Project Duration
6 Months

The Mission

To create a data base that captures and illustrates as many examples of British Sea Service Cutlasses, Bayonets, Pioneer Swords, Machetes, Lead Cutters or Single Sticks as possible, with the view of making this data available to current and future collectors.

Current Update

Whilst initially this project was advertised via like minded collecting organisations we have now extended our reach to include online collection forums and a number of Naval related research bodies. At this time, we have contacting over 30 such organisations, providing the opportunity to promote this project on the global stage.

The current list of participant list stands at 25, and has representation from Australia, United Kingdom, Scotland, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Its not to late to come on board, just contact us via email:

The template that has been developed for this project can be downloaded from the following link:

What happens next

We request that if possible all photos are taken on a white background, outside on an overcast day, highest resolution possible and saved in jpeg format. Your photos are then cleaned up as much as possible in photoshop and sent back to you as a one-page collage with your completed template for final checking.

The data and pictures provided are entered into a table in Excel. Whilst this table does not contain all of the data being collected in the template it does include:

Date (Pattern date if available)

Picture (Full length)

Model (Pattern, Variation, Conversion, Bayonet, Pioneer Sword, Machete, Lead Cutter or Single Stick etc)

Overall Length (In inches and cm’s)

Blade Length (In inches and cm’s)

Blade Widest Point (In inches and cm’s)

Weight (in grams)

Blade & Scabbard (additional comments and/or unusual features)

Guard (additional comments and/or unusual features)

Grip (additional comments and/or unusual features)

Owner’s Initials

At this stage 75 items have been added to the draft table, with many more yet to be processed. This project has required the development of a number of tools which we believe will be invaluable for use in future endeavours. That is, if we ever finish this one.