The British Home Service Helmet

An example of an officer’s version of the Home Service Helmet. This one is provenanced to W. Swan of the Army Ordnance Department. (Author’s collection)

While we focus on sun helmets on this website these are, of course, only one form of headgear among many worn by armies throughout history. The subject of this article is the British Home Service Helmet, which in this writer’s opinion was inspired by the Colonial Pattern sun helmet worn in India from at least as early as the 1850s.

“In 1878, nearly forty years after it was first mooted as an alternative headdress, a helmet was approved for the Infantry. Made of cork and covered with blue cloth (dark green for Light Infantry [and Rifle Regiments]), this helmet had a spike as did the Prussian model, which had inspired its adoption, but its silhouette owed more to the white foreign-service helmet adopted by the British a few years before.” 1 Continue reading The British Home Service Helmet