The Heritage Arms Society is the club for people who are interested in collecting antique arms and related items.  The club focuses on military and civilian arms over 100 years old, including but not limited to firearms, edged weapons, accoutrements, uniforms, medals, armour, helmets, badges and much much more.

If you are interested in learning about this fascinating area of collecting, already collect, or are interested in starting a collection then the Heritage Arms Society is the club for you.  Activities include monthly displays by members, visits to places of interest, guest speakers and displays at community events.

Visitors and/or Potential New members are always welcome.

The Society meets on the third Friday of the month at 7.30 at the Clayton Wesley Hall 280 Portrush Road Beulah Park (top of Norwood Parade).  This venue provides ample secure parking and the space to facilitate larger displays.  As always, our meetings will continue to provide the opportunity to view great displays, talk with experienced collectors and explore History through the evolution of Arms and associated items both Military and Civilian.

An electronic monthly newsletter “Barrels and Blades” contains articles of interest and a complimentary copy will be provided on request to those wanting more information about our society.  If you would like to come and visit, just email Heritage.arms.society@gmail.com or visit our website https://heritagearmssa.com/

Sample Our Newsletter: September 2018 Issue of Barrels and Blades